Akuwa [ah-koo-wa] is a mixture of the word “aku” and “uwa”. In the Nigerian Igbo language, “aku” means treasure and “uwa” means earth.


Akuwa Skincare is a brand that is committed to delivering inclusive skincare that is toxic free, fragrance free, cruelty-free, vegan, and earth-conscious. It is important that the ingredients we use are effective and work well on all skin tones, including skin of color. Also, we are aware of the amount of waste our industry creates and we strive our best to reduce waste. We achieve this by delivering products with clean ingredients, sustainable packaging, and partnering with organizations that work relentlessly to save our planet. We make clean skincare an effortless obligation.


Akuwa Skincare was founded by Precious Gabriel. She is a first generation Nigerian-Liberian with an appreciation for earth’s treasures. Precious completed her Bachelors of Science in Biology at Chestnut Hill College and earned her MBA at Saint Joseph’s University. Her passion for skincare took off while addressing her personal skin concerns.

“My skin journey started in high school with oily acne prone skin. The typical teenage acne phase that most of us go through. After plenty of research, experimenting, and speaking with dermatologists throughout the years, I found the best products that worked for my skin were products with clean and non-irritating ingredients. Being a woman of color, I noticed the lack of representation in the skincare industry. My obsession to find clean ingredients that worked for all skin tones began! I started researching what the most effective clean ingredients were to help fight acne, even skin tone, and hydrate skin. I wanted to create a brand that would address skin concerns which many of us have, while using some of the best ingredients and delivering them in an earth-conscious way…then Akuwa Skincare was born."

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