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Creating a Ritual, Within Your Routine

A skincare ritual is an intentional action of love and care that gives attention to your skin’s current state. With a skincare routine, there are a set of steps you complete, sometimes effortlessly, to improve your skin. These structured daily routines can easily be transformed into meaningful acts of self-love to not only improve your skin but bring you inner peace! 
Let’s discuss the ins and outs of a routine versus a ritual. This will help you to truly create skincare rituals within your routine.


The key is to understand the main difference between ritual and routine. A routine is a habit you have formed with a set of products. For example, you may quickly cleanse and moisturize your face daily with the same products just because it's part of your daily habit. 
A skincare ritual looks past just merely performing an action for your skin, but intentionally giving attention to how your skin feels to improve the glow, health, and overall wellness. A ritual looks at understanding the composition of skincare products and the correct way to administer them. Rituals master the art of product application, and take deeper understanding of how much product to use.


Just to clarify, changing your routine to a ritual does not mean throw out any of your products! Practicing a ritual means being mindful of the impact each product and step has on the wellness of your skin. 


1. Learn about your skin type and honestly consider how your skin is feeling on a daily basis. 
Before you start your routine, assess your skin and decide on what products would best serve you. Does it feel dry? Maybe start with an oil cleanser and/or hydrating cleanser. Does it feel oily? Maybe use a foaming cleanser or balancing toner. Does it feel irritated? Use a cleanser with soothing ingredients like aloe or rosehip seed oil. Always ask yourself, will the product I am about to use address my skin concerns?
2. Research products and understand their ingredients and benefits
Ingredient list can be super scary sometimes, but there have been so many helpful websites like EWG Skin Deep to help consumers understand what type of ingredients are in products. Learning the best type of ingredients to address your skin concern will help you create a ritual. If your concern is hyperpigmentation, vitamin C is an effective and researched ingredient that works! If your skin is dehydrated, hyaluronic acid is a great ingredient to attract water to your skin cells. Try out our Elite Glow Serum which addresses both of these concerns! 
3. Work it in! Don’t rush, take your time, and massage the products into your skin. 
Start simple and do the Akuwa 1-1-1 rule. Take 1 minute to cleanse, 1 minutes to treat, and 1 minute to moisturize/apply sunscreen. Taking your time to apply products increases product absorption and gets you the best results from your products. You’ve made the investment to buy the product, get the most out of them!
4. Monitor the appearance of your skin and be mindful if you need to make changes. 
As we age, or get exposed to different environmental factors, our skin can change by becoming more oily, dry, or irritated. Always monitor your skin and be mindful of the products you use as your skin changes. 
5. Create a vibe and enjoy implementing your skincare ritual.
Play your favorite song, light a candle, run a bath to create your skincare ritual. Skincare does not need to be complicated, make it your own and have fun!



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